Sunday, November 02, 2014

Minis, oh them bones.

Where was I with the last Bones kickstarter.  I did not get very far.  I did I pick up the Return of Mister Bones as well.  *sigh*  Yes. Yes I did.  Looking forward to seeing those.

My work area has been cleaned (again) and more organized.  I hope to have a little time to paint again.  I have some beasties that I would love to get working on.

But the question I have for you is, How do you display them? Or do you?

Are they just tossed in boxes or parts bins (like the one below)?  My pre-painted minis I keep is some old Stanley parts bin...  But for my bones, I would like to display them some how.  Thoughts? Ideas? dos and don'ts?

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