Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Small Stockade

All towns need a place to keep the bad guys, right? I present to you a small stockade.

Opening the double doors into the stockade you are presented with a room on your right where the guards keep watch. Cards and other odds and ends are on the table.  A small rack hang from the wall containing shackles and other restraining devices.  A double door is straight ahead and a small door is off to the side near the table.  This smaller door leads into a watch room where two bolt holes allow the guards to view the other side of the security door and part of the cell rooms.

The second set of double doors, the security doors, when opened has a small set of stairs that leads into the large room inside.  Off to the right is some sort of interrogation table.  The left side has chains hanging from the wall and and iron maiden.  Ahead are 4 small cells and 2 larger cells.  Inside the larger cells, towards the back are more iron chains hanging from the walls.  Various bits of straw litter the floor in the cells.

The deputy, one Barnabas Fiffle, is of average height but rather slender.  His hair is thin and slicked back.  His clothing seems to big for him and his belt is pulled as tight as possible.  Unsure of himself, he continues to seek the guidance of the Sheriff.

Sheriff Aengus "Andy" Taggert. Short and rotund, Andy keeps his dark hair puffy and his uniform unbuttoned.  He has been the sheriff in these parts for a long, long time. He runs the stockade with wisdom, trust and fear.  His Guards, Odell and Bevyn are loyal and keep and watchful eye on the inmates.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weary Donkey Tavern and Inn

The Weary Donkey is a staple in these parts. A common place for travelers to stay the night and for locals to get together and drink the worries of the day away. 

Frederick Flynn bar tends and runs the place. His bar is on the right as you enter. Most men need to look up to Frederick as he appears to be rather tall. Truth be told, behind the bar is a raised platform. He is barely 5 feet with a rotund belly, dirty smock, greasy and thinning hair is pulled back in the most manly bun possible. Easily in his mid to late 40s, his eyes show a youth inside.  

His wife, Elsie, runs the kitchen and serves some of the tables. While smaller then her husband, you can tell she is quite muscular and has been known to throw out some of the more rowdy patrons. Her hair looks as though it is starting to grey, yet folks that have been here for years say she has not changed at all. 

A young lad, about 14, dashes back and forth from the stables to the inn where he helps out. Wart, as he is affectionately called, enjoys listening to the conversations and gossip of the folks who frequent the place. Stories from abroad also seems to fascinate him. A quick flip of a coin his direction and he will be at your beck and call. 

The inn itself is 2 stories with the main bar room, kitchen, small storage place and a decent living quarters fills up the lower level. A common room, one deluxe room, and a few normal rooms are on the second level. 

A small stairway on the back of the main floor heads down into a cellar. This is where all the meat is hung to dry and most of the storage is kept. A small private room is kept locked and, it is said that it contains a small stash of gems and adventuring armour from Elsie's adventuring long, long ago. 

Tucked away behind the bar itself, is a secret panel under the raised platform,  Frederick can use in a emergency to vanish. It leads to a special area under the inn that is walled off from the basement. 
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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Orks and more Orks.. and Upgrades?

The Snotlings and I have played 40k (5th edition) some.  Not enough to say we are all that good, but it was enjoyable.  I mainly played an Ork army where the older Snotling played the Imperials.  I had a ton of minis from when I played 2nd ed, so Space Marines and Orks it was.

Now, the 7th edition is out.  It is worth getting?  What does it take to convert and army over?  Here is my 500 point Ork warband, Yes, I know, it could be better.  I'm just asking about conversion, not optimization.

Red Hand of Doom : 446 Points
HQ: Big Mek
1   Big Mek - Mek's TOols, Power Claw, Shoota/Rokkit Kombi-weapon

Fast Attack Warbikers
2  Warbikers - Choppa, Slugga
1  Biker Nob - Bosspole, Slugga, Big Choppa

Troops: Boyz
11 Boyz - Shootas
1  Boyz - Big Shoota
1  Boyz Nob - Slugga, Power Claw, Bosspole

Troops: Boyz
11 Boyz -  Slugga, Choppa
1  Boyz - Choppa, Rokkit Launcha
1  Boyz Nob - Slugga, Big Choppa, Bosspole
1  Trukk - Reinforced Ram, Wreckin' Ball, Big Shoota, Ramshackle

What would it look like under 7th edition?

I will admit, the Tyranids look rather awesome.  I may have to pick up some just to paint..

Monday, November 03, 2014

Farscape RPG resources

A long time ago, I ran a website called  It was good.

One of the folks (Tars Tarkas) from that site and I created some great documents.  We did the 95 NPC guide, collected the works from the website and put it all into a compendium document and more!

I dusted off the old files and uploaded them, so they could live again.
While the RPG has not been active for a while, enjoy these.  They bring back fond memories.
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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Minis, oh them bones.

Where was I with the last Bones kickstarter.  I did not get very far.  I did I pick up the Return of Mister Bones as well.  *sigh*  Yes. Yes I did.  Looking forward to seeing those.

My work area has been cleaned (again) and more organized.  I hope to have a little time to paint again.  I have some beasties that I would love to get working on.

But the question I have for you is, How do you display them? Or do you?

Are they just tossed in boxes or parts bins (like the one below)?  My pre-painted minis I keep is some old Stanley parts bin...  But for my bones, I would like to display them some how.  Thoughts? Ideas? dos and don'ts?