Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Small Stockade

All towns need a place to keep the bad guys, right? I present to you a small stockade.

Opening the double doors into the stockade you are presented with a room on your right where the guards keep watch. Cards and other odds and ends are on the table.  A small rack hang from the wall containing shackles and other restraining devices.  A double door is straight ahead and a small door is off to the side near the table.  This smaller door leads into a watch room where two bolt holes allow the guards to view the other side of the security door and part of the cell rooms.

The second set of double doors, the security doors, when opened has a small set of stairs that leads into the large room inside.  Off to the right is some sort of interrogation table.  The left side has chains hanging from the wall and and iron maiden.  Ahead are 4 small cells and 2 larger cells.  Inside the larger cells, towards the back are more iron chains hanging from the walls.  Various bits of straw litter the floor in the cells.

The deputy, one Barnabas Fiffle, is of average height but rather slender.  His hair is thin and slicked back.  His clothing seems to big for him and his belt is pulled as tight as possible.  Unsure of himself, he continues to seek the guidance of the Sheriff.

Sheriff Aengus "Andy" Taggert. Short and rotund, Andy keeps his dark hair puffy and his uniform unbuttoned.  He has been the sheriff in these parts for a long, long time. He runs the stockade with wisdom, trust and fear.  His Guards, Odell and Bevyn are loyal and keep and watchful eye on the inmates.

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