Sunday, April 05, 2015

Green Dragon, Don't mess with his stuff.

Green Dragon - Finished work.

1998 is the year that is stamped in the foot of this guy. Looks like TSR is on one of the back feet as well.  I picked this up years ago (decades?) from my FLGS.  It has sat in my parts bin for a very long time.  Here is the finished product.  He is standing on a small pile of gold and gems.  The tiles are cast plaster from Hirst Arts.  The gold pile is blue construction insulation.  Random bits and bobs from various parts bins and more plaster casts finish off the base.  The base is 5 x 3.5 inches.

If you look close enough you can see the arm of some warriors failed attempt to claim the dragon's treasure horde.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Socrates and Socrates

Hey folks!
I worked some this last week (or 2) and finished a few more things.  Two Socrates minis from Reaper.. Two?  yes.. two of them.  They are different. I swear. Look at the parchment.

Also made a couple custom Rostra from them to stand on out of Hirst Arts blocks.

Socrates One. on a 2x3 platform:

Socrates Two on a 3x4 Platform:

I am giving Trello a try.  Hoping it will help organize and sort out my painting habit. I put up more pics on the "cards" for these guys :

Note that I do have a new camera coming in.. so future pics should be much cleaner.

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Bones II. More and more plastic.

More bones miniatures.   Kickstarter strikes again!

These look amazing.  Yes, I still have lots from the first Bones kickstarter that I have not painted. I have enough to keep me busy for a very very long time.  Reaper minis,  please do not do another kickstarter, you already have my money and I have kids to feed.  Don't worry, I will not let them eat the bones.

Quality is what I have come to expect. The scale seems to be a little big compared to some of my other minis. But they will fit in nicely. Detail is top notch and the minis vary greatly.

I rather like the Wild West folks. Too bad I don't play anything that uses them.  May have to have some time travel happen in a d&d game.  It can happen!

My favorite is the dragons don't share set. It is outstanding. Some if the parts do not fit right, but a little boiling water should fix it.

Here is a quick unboxing vid.  Enjoy.

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Games: Munchkin: The Need for Steed

Munchkin is my current favorite table top game. I just picked up the 3rd expansion, The Need For Steed, and it is as insane as the others.  The teenagers and the pre-teens enjoy playing this game as much as I do.

For those that do not know how to play, tabletop has a great introduction and play of game:  TableTop on youtube.

Favorite cards from this expansion:

  • The Ether Bunny
  • Duck of Earl
  • Ninja Giant

All the cards are fun. It is hard to pick the top few.  The artwork is right up there with the others. Over the top cartoons and great humor.

I was unable to find anything in the deck that seemed over powering or conflicted with the other decks.  Great job Steve Jackson Games.  I'm looking forward to playing and adding more cards to the game.. Now to find a place to store them...

Friday, January 30, 2015

40k makes a come back

After the holidays passed, a couple of the snotlings and I visited our flgs. Low and behold they had a single copy of Deathstorm.  Notice the word "had". They do not any longer.  We do. 

All the models are built and primed. A little bit of paint is starting to Appear on them.  They are awesome.  I will admite, the tyranids scare me a little. 

This prompted the brood to find all the 40k minis in the house. Attached are a few snaps of them.  It is not a lot. But plenty for us to start playing again.
All the little armies, all lined up.
My Orc Army
The boy's Orc Army