Monday, July 12, 2010

Dice tower. WIP

Here are a few pics of my latest project. It is a small score keeping tower.
The two little bumpy things on the front is where the score cards will hang.

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dice tower - finished

A couple more views of it.. one with out the base and the other with the base on. Next step is to make the fire for the torches and it'll be done.

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Finally finished molding more parts to the top.

Here it is painted!  On the last picture, you can see two of the minis the the oldest boy and I tried to paint.. we have a lot of work to do...

Sunday, February 07, 2010


I ppaited some flesh tones and some clothing on a few of the minis.. I am completely out of practice.  It is going to take some time to make these look good.  I want to do a few more layers before I take some pics. 

though my molds are calling me.. must finish dice tower...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The other two projects

Here are the other two projects. A couple of the dice tower. I still need to cast a few more parts, but it is coming along nicely. And the last image are the miniatures that I will be painting (hopefully with my oldest). They have been primered with black.  I"ll post some better looking ones once we start painting.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010


And here it is all painted.

I have the flashing light built. It does need a tune up and some soldering to make it final. Next up are the signage and windows.
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Here are a few pics of the TARDIS in progress. Most of them are pretty obvious as to the stage of building it.

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Three new projects

Ok. I have three new projects I am going to work on. Ok, ok.. one of them is new.. the other is not. I have a ton of left over projects. I am going to try and knock a few out this year.

The first one : Dice tower. Using plaster and molds from Hirsts Arts make a simple dice tower. Sadly, I have not taken any pictures of the process, but I'll remedy that tonight.

The Second one : TARDIS. Oh yeah! you heard me. The big blue box in person. I started this a while ago and have some pics. You can see what needs to be done from them.

The Third : Painting minis. I have tons and tons and tons of minis left over from the years. I have several out on display now. I'd like to have more. I put some primer on some space marines, a skeleton pirate and some tavern folks. The marines, I am thinking of working with my oldest and see if he wants to paint with me. We will see how it goes. The others are mine to paint.