Sunday, March 01, 2015

Games: Munchkin: The Need for Steed

Munchkin is my current favorite table top game. I just picked up the 3rd expansion, The Need For Steed, and it is as insane as the others.  The teenagers and the pre-teens enjoy playing this game as much as I do.

For those that do not know how to play, tabletop has a great introduction and play of game:  TableTop on youtube.

Favorite cards from this expansion:

  • The Ether Bunny
  • Duck of Earl
  • Ninja Giant

All the cards are fun. It is hard to pick the top few.  The artwork is right up there with the others. Over the top cartoons and great humor.

I was unable to find anything in the deck that seemed over powering or conflicted with the other decks.  Great job Steve Jackson Games.  I'm looking forward to playing and adding more cards to the game.. Now to find a place to store them...


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