Saturday, March 07, 2015

Bones II. More and more plastic.

More bones miniatures.   Kickstarter strikes again!

These look amazing.  Yes, I still have lots from the first Bones kickstarter that I have not painted. I have enough to keep me busy for a very very long time.  Reaper minis,  please do not do another kickstarter, you already have my money and I have kids to feed.  Don't worry, I will not let them eat the bones.

Quality is what I have come to expect. The scale seems to be a little big compared to some of my other minis. But they will fit in nicely. Detail is top notch and the minis vary greatly.

I rather like the Wild West folks. Too bad I don't play anything that uses them.  May have to have some time travel happen in a d&d game.  It can happen!

My favorite is the dragons don't share set. It is outstanding. Some if the parts do not fit right, but a little boiling water should fix it.

Here is a quick unboxing vid.  Enjoy.

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