Saturday, January 30, 2010

Three new projects

Ok. I have three new projects I am going to work on. Ok, ok.. one of them is new.. the other is not. I have a ton of left over projects. I am going to try and knock a few out this year.

The first one : Dice tower. Using plaster and molds from Hirsts Arts make a simple dice tower. Sadly, I have not taken any pictures of the process, but I'll remedy that tonight.

The Second one : TARDIS. Oh yeah! you heard me. The big blue box in person. I started this a while ago and have some pics. You can see what needs to be done from them.

The Third : Painting minis. I have tons and tons and tons of minis left over from the years. I have several out on display now. I'd like to have more. I put some primer on some space marines, a skeleton pirate and some tavern folks. The marines, I am thinking of working with my oldest and see if he wants to paint with me. We will see how it goes. The others are mine to paint.

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